Electric mowing with Conver's 100% electric mowing boats

Conver has several electric mowing boats in its product line. These sustainable and CO2-neutral mowing boats are the next step in sustainable mowing. Why invest in electric mowing boats?

A few reasons why you should consider investing in electric mowing boats:

Environmentally friendly:

Electric boats do not emit harmful emissions, making them more environmentally friendly than diesel boats. This helps improve air quality and helps reduce carbon footprint.

CO2 neutral:

Because electric mowing boats do not burn fossil fuels, they do not contribute to carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. This helps reduce climate change and helps companies meet CO2 reduction targets.

Quiet and vibration-free:

Electric boats are generally quieter and produce less vibration than diesel boats. This benefits both users and the marine ecosystem by keeping noise levels low.

Lower operating costs:

Electric boats generally have lower operating costs than diesel boats because electricity is cheaper than diesel fuel and electric systems require less maintenance.


Electric propulsion systems are highly efficient, resulting in better energy efficiency than diesel engines. This leads to longer battery life and greater range on a single charge.

Easy to operate:

Electric boats are easier to operate because of their smooth and quiet drive. This makes them suitable for use in sensitive marine environments, such as natural areas.

Encouraging green initiatives:

Investments in electric mowing boats help encourage green initiatives and show commitment to environmental conservation. This can be positively received by communities, customers and stakeholders.

Regulations and subsidies:

In some regions, incentives, tax breaks or subsidies may be available to organizations that invest in environmentally friendly technologies, including electric boats. Taking advantage of such schemes can reduce investment costs.

But are electric mowing boats as efficient as the familiar diesel boats?

How many hours can an electric mowing boat operate?

The Conver electric mowing boats can be operated for about 8 hours. The number of strokes and water depth affect the hours the mowing boat can operate.

Can you quickly charge the electric mowing boat on location?

There are more and more electricity stations along the water for recreational boats. Conver responds by providing a cable that fits these power points for pleasure craft.

Is the C485-E heavier than the standard mowing boat?

Yes, the C485-E is slightly heavier than the C485 with a Stage 5 engine. Because of this, the boat lies slightly deeper in the water at the rear (about 3 cm). This ensures the mowing boat is very stable. Secondly, more reeds can be pushed away with the push-up frame due to the higher stability. The boat can still be transported with the standard trailer. Also the winch does not need to be adjusted.

Is comfort sacrificed to have longer battery life?

No, operator comfort is paramount. For example, the mowing boat can be equipped with seat heating, radio and a heater. Also, the mowing boat can be equipped with a fixed or loose cabin. All this without compromising on battery life.

Our electrical vessels: 

C485-E / C485-F-E 

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C485 with electric control

C485 with electric control 

Harkboot.nl BV is the winner of the NENnovation Award 2021

Harkboot.nl BV is the winner of the NENnovation Award 2021