C81 mini silt pusher

The C81 is developed to work in very narrow, shallow waterways. The silt pusher is optimally suited for pushing organic silt. The C81 has a very compact design, and is characterized by its hydraulic adjustable dozer blade and hydraulic rear winch that are powered by a small petrol-power pack. 

For pushing the silt, an external winch is needed, powered by an external power source. 


Dimensions (l x w x h): 2,90 x 1,00 x 0,90 m (transport)
Hull (l x w x h): 2,10 x 1,05 x 0,90 m
Working width: 0,80 – 2,75 m
Working depth: max. 0,70 m
Weight: ca. 700 kg
Draft: ca. 0,40 m
Colour: Orange ral 2004 / grey ral 7012
Engine: Yanmar L100N 1-cylinder Diesel. 10 HP (7,4 kW) at 3600 rpm
Emission class: Tier 4 Final (EU stage IV)
Cooling system: Air cooled
Propulsion forward: External winch
Propulsion backward: Single hydraulic winch incl. freewheel, 2.000 kg, steel cable 10 mm x 50 m
Steering: 4x double acting valves
Hydraulic system: 1x gear pump, 30 l/min
Fuel tank: 5 L
Hydraulic tank: 35 l with return filter
Hydraulic oil: Univis N46
Maximum sailing: 7 km/h
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The C81 mini silt pusher has several advantages:

  • Specially designed to dredge small ditches, canals or ponds
  • Suited to remove organic silt
  • Very compact design
  • Dozer blade combo with working width of 2,90 m
  • Hook (5.4T) incl. safety pin

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