Working at Conver

Our factory develops and builds cutting-edge machines that are ground breaking in their design. Our aim is to produce machines which can be used to implement responsible water-management. We produce a diverse range of floating, amphibious and land-based machines. Machines that will enable us to perform at our best in the future as well.

Experienced and skilled workers with a passion for technology are to be found at Conver. People who build machines which are extremely reliable and which meet the highest requirements. In addition to standard solutions, Conver also custom develops and builds machines according to the requirements and wishes of the client.

Working at Conver involves actively applying your skills and each day seeking new horizons regarding what is technically possible.

If you would like to work at Conver, then please send us a letter or e-mail to request information regarding the possibilities.

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Why Conver?

At Conver, we design and manufacture groundbreaking, state-of-the-art machines. Our aim is to build machines for responsible water management. With the knowledge gained over the years, we provide solutions for all types of floating machinery, amphibious equipment and land-based machinery. That's why we have different mowing boats, weed harvesters and excavators for different jobs.

We manufacture special Conver boat trailers for transporting our mowing boats. If amphibious machines are more your thing, we've got the skills to improve performance on any terrain. This also applies to our land-based machines.

Conver offers a variety of overland machines, including trikes, tracked carriers and rakes. We believe innovation is the only way to survive. We are currently developing machines with minimal environmental impact. Machines will continue to help us achieve peak performance in the future.


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