The C485-F mowing boat is the solution for less turbulence and boat movements. Moreover, the T-mower allows you to mow at greater depths.

The C485-F has a two-piece hydraulic arm at the front. This mast is mounted on a hydraulically driven slewing ring with a rotation of 270 degrees. This makes it possible to work on both sides of the boat, as well as at the front of your boat. This version also has a quick-change system for easy attachment of tools. Tools available for the C485-F mowing boat include a side mower, trailing knife unit, embankment mowing unit, push frame and T-mower. Naturally, all kinds of options are also available for the C485-F, allowing you to tailor the boat precisely to the operator's needs.

The robust hull is made of profiled steel and has an excellent anti-corrosion treatment to optimise the boat's life. The hull includes a fully lockable engine compartment and a folding operator compartment. The Conver C485-F mowing boat has full electric controls.

This mowing boat comes standard with a powerful and reliable 35Kw diesel engine. The engine is hydraulically shiftable, ensuring high stability. All our mowing boats are built according to ES-TRIN. As a result, we comply with the laws and regulations for floating vehicles.

In addition, the Conver C485-F mowing boat is equipped with a single or double hydraulic anti-coiling auger. With its robust construction, the anti-coiling auger gives the mowing boat great thrust and manoeuvrability, both forwards and backwards, even in very shallow water and under the most adverse conditions.


Dimensions (l x w x h): 4,80 x 1,86 x 0,95 m (excl. tools)
Material:  3 mm profiled St52
Weight: 1,800 – 2,350 kg (depending on model)
Draft: ca. 0.4 m
Colour: Orange ral 2004 / grey ral 7012
Engine: Yanmar 4TNV88C, 4-cylinder 47 HP (35 kW) Diesel, hydraulic side-shift
Emission class: EU Stage V / U.S. Tier V
Fuel consumption: 4 – 6,5 litres an hour
Cooling system: Keel cooling
Electrics: 12 V
Propulsion: Single 400 mm hydraulic anti-coiling auger
Steering: Power steering with a 2 x 50° steering angle
Hydraulic system: One load-sensing pump and one gear pump with (semi-)proportional valves
Fuel tank: 80 L
Hydraulic tank: 95 L with suction and return filter. With integrated oil cooling
Hydraulic oil: Univis N46
Maximum sailing: 7 km/h
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The C485-F mowing boat has several advantages:

  • Less turbulence and boat movements;
  • Mowing at greater depths with the T mower;
  • Working range of 270 degrees

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