The Conver C585 has been developed for the maintenance of ditches, canals and ponds, independent of the water depth. In floating state the boat is driven by two hydraulic anti-coiling augers. In situations where there is insufficient water to float or on land, the C585 can move with the help of two 450 mm wide rubber tracks. The machine can drive itself out of the water on slopes up to 35 °.

The Conver C585 amphibious machine comes standard with a 75-horsepower Hatz diesel engine. All functions of the machine are hydraulically driven. A 2-part hydraulic mast is mounted on the foredeck, for which a series of implements is available.

This makes the C585 suitable for mowing banks, mowing waterways, cutting soil vegetation, (water) plants and clearing up plant debris and floating dirt. The standard F-mast is suitable for mowing and spacious work. A heavier C902 mast is available for dredging work.


Dimensions (l x w x h):

5,10 x 1,90 x 1,65 m
Arm set: Standard 1,25 m + 1,25 m incl. tumbler and CW05 coupling

Steel S355

Weight: 3.400 – 5.000 kg, depending on the execution
Draft: 1,00 m
Color: Orange RAL 2004 and Grey RAL 7012
Engine Hatz 4H50TICD Diesel, 75 HP
Emission class: EU Stage V/U.S. Tier V
Fuel consumption: 8- 10 l/hr
Cooling system: Water-cooled diesel engine
Electrical installation: 12V
Propulsion: Double Ø 400 mm hydraulic anti-coiling auger
Steering: 2x 50° steering angle for the auger and two foot pedals for the tracks
Hydraulic system: 1x LS pump 60 cc, 1x pump 8 cc, double closed system 2x 21 cc
Fuel tank: 80 l
Hydraulic system: 95 l with return- and suction filter and oil-cooler
Speed: Land 8 km/hr, water 7 km/h
Crew 1 operator
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The C585 amphibious machine  has several advantages:

  • Multi purpose machine to work on land, wetlands or in the water
  • The C585 can drive on slopes up to 35°
  • On the front a two piece boom is mounted, which can turn 160°
  • Powered by a 75 hp diesel engine
  • Multiple tools can be used, like an excavator bucket, push frame or t-cutter

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