Conver MC103 weed harvester is the middle size in our series. This robust weed harvester removes both floating and rooted vegetation from rivers and lakes. Of course, the machine can also be used to remove floating trash in, for example, canals and other waterways.

A hydraulically driven and height-adjustable U-shaped cutting unit provides sufficient capacity to remove up to 2,500 kg of vegetation. The cut vegetation is transported from the water to the deck using a water-permeable conveyor belt. There is a second storage conveyor on deck with an extra-large storage capacity. Unloading of the machine takes place via the front. In this way, the operator has a complete overview and, at the same time, full control over the boat. Harvested material can be discharged via the conveyor belt onto the embankment or into a container.

The MC 103 is equipped with a comfortable cabin with a perfect view of the work through the panoramic windows. You will find air conditioning, heating, radio, and an ergonomic control panel in the cabin.


Dimensions (l x w x h): 11,7 x 3,46 x 3,06 m
Hull (l x b x h) 10,6 x 3,46 x 2,96 m
Weight: 10.500 kg
Loading capacity: 2.500 kg, approx. 8 m3
Mowing depth: 0 – 1,7 m
Mowing widht: 2,00 m, ESM single acting Busatis system
Conveyor belts: 2,00 m wide, Stainless steel open transport deck
Unloading height: Up to approx. 2,3 m above waterline
Draft: 0,43 m empty, 0,60 m full
Colour: Orange ral 2004 / grey ral 7012
Engine: Hatz 4H50TIC 55kWv
Emission class: IWA Stage V
Fuel consumption: 6 - 9 l/hr
Cooling system: Water-cooled radiator
Electrics: 12 V
Propulsion: Double anti-coiling augers 400 mm, 0,40 m height adjustable
Steering: Power steering with a 2 x 50° steering angle
Pumps: Double axial load sensing pumps
Fuel tank: 180 l
Hydraulic tank: 255 l, with double suction filter and return filter, Bundle oil cooler
Hydraulic oil: Univis N46
Maximum sailing: 7 km/h
Crew: 1 machinist and 1 assistant
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The MC103 weed harvester has several advantages:

  • Medium-sized weed harvester
  • Loading capacity of 8m3
  • Quick and easy unloading with a conveyor belt
  • Removes plastic and other floating debris from the water

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