C83 silt pusher

The C83 silt pusher is a medium-sized push boat specially designed to clean waterways like ditches, gullies, and ponds. The push boat is very suitable for moving organic silt.

The C83 is ideal for dredging operations where space is limited. The shear blades are available in working widths of 4.5m and 3.0m with a height of 1.1m. The working width of this silt pusher can be adjusted between a width of 1 m and 4.5 m. With the C83, dredged material can be scraped off and pushed up to a depth of around 1.8m metres by the available shear blades.

The C83 has a Stage V Yanmar 3-cylinder diesel engine and is fully hydraulically controlled. The push boat is equipped with a front and rear winch to pull the boat. The front winch has a towing capacity of up to 4300 kg. The rear winch has a maximum pulling force of 2100 kg. Optionally, a folding anti-coiling auger is available.

The C83 is compact and manoeuvrable. The doors can be individually folded, giving a minimum working width of 1 m. The blades can easily change with the quick-change lever on the parallel frame. In addition, you can choose to fit a scraper unit behind the shearer.

The Conver C83 was developed with efficiency, durability and ease of use in mind. The machine can be adapted to your specific requirements and wishes through a wide choice of options. This allows the operator to personalise the workplace.


Dimension (l x w x h): 8 x 2.1 x 1,3 m (transport)

Hull (l x b x h): 

4,1 x 1,4 x 0,9 m 
Working width 1 - 4,5 m
Working dept max. 1,8 m 
Weight: 2400 kg (incl. shear blade and auger 2900 kg)
Draft: ca. 0,55 m
Colour: Orange ral 2004 / grey ral 7012
Engine: Water-cooled (by a radiator) 3-cylinder diesel engine (19kW)
Emission class: Stage V
Propulsion: Hydraulically driven front and rear winch (optional anti-coiling augur)
Hydraulic system: 2x gear pump
Fuel tank: 40 L
Hydraulic tank: 40 L with suction and return filter
Hydraulic oil: N46 / Bio EAL46 / HLP synth
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Advantages of the C83 push boat:

  • Lightweight push boat;
  • Easy operation due to hydraulic servo levers;
  • Good all-round visibility through the 90-degree rotating seat;
  • Moveable pontoons for optimum stability;

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