The CTP485 boat trailer is a single axle trailer for agricultural traffic and does not comply to road legal specifications. The trailer can be used for speeds up to 25 km/hr. It is specially designed to transport, launch and recover Conver boats with a width of 1,50 – 1,85 m. 


Total length: 7,10 x 2,70 m in transportstand
Transport width:  2,55-2,85 m (afhankelijk van de banden)
Weight:  2,55-2,85 m (afhankelijk van de banden)
Ground clearance: 315 – 410 mm afhankelijk van banden en assenkeuze
Tractor connections: 12V 7-polig (ISO1724), 12V 2-polig (DIN ISO 4165) of 12V (DIN 9682) en 2x hydr. aansluiting ½” (ISO 7241-1 A) met min. 20 l/min à 140 bar
Max. launch/recovery angle: : 40˚
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