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When you buy a Convers machine, you enjoy numerous advantages. Even after the purchase, you will continue to benefit. We have a worldwide dealer network to whom we share all our knowledge and experience to help you better with the aftersales.

Even in unexpected situations, you can always count on the service technicians of your Conver dealer or one of Convers specialists. Repair, maintenance or parts? Our experts can always help you regardless of the year of construction.

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Original Conver parts

A machine consists of countless parts, and only when everything is right can you speak of perfection. It is the sum of factors that makes a big difference. You can expect perfection from a Conver machine. Every detail has been thought out. Therefore, you can rely on a machine that is reliable. The same reliability can be expected from our tools and our parts.

Therefore, keep your machine in top condition with the quality parts of Conver. These components are specially designed to perform to the maximum under the most challenging conditions and minimize the risk of failure. Keep your machine in optimal condition and order original Conver parts from your Conver dealer.

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Financial lease

If you choose a financial lease, you will spread the purchase costs and become the owner of the machine. The monthly fees are exactly known, and you pay a fixed interest rate over the set period. You can choose from a term of 36 or 48 months. For one sharp monthly fee, you can focus on what matters, which is entrepreneurship! Ask about the possibilities.

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Why Conver?

Our factory develops and builds cutting-edge machines that are ground breaking in their design. Our aim is to produce machines which can be used to implement responsible water-management. With the knowledge we have acquired over the years, we are in a position to supply customized solutions for all types of floating machinery, amphibious equipment and land-based machines. Consequently, we now have a range of different types of mowing boats, weed harvesters and dredgers that can perform a variety of jobs.

We produce special Conver boat trailers to transport the mowing boats. If you prefer an amphibious machine, we will equip you with capabilities that will improve performance on all terrains. This also applies to our land-based machines.

Conver offers a variety of land-based machines, including three-wheelers, tracked carriers and mower-rake machines. We are convinced that innovation is the only way to survive. We are currently developing machines which have minimal impact on the environment. Machines that will enable us to perform at our best in the future as well. We believe it is important to translate your requirements into the best possible solution. That is in our nature too.

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