Mission and vision

Conver mission

We combine knowledge and experience with craftsmanship. That’s how we develop and build machines that make responsible management possible. By constantly innovating we break new ground with our services, and this means we can also satisfy all legal requirements concerning management of public spaces. Now and in the future.

Conver vision

Our factory develops and builds cutting-edge machines. Our aim is to produce machines which can be used to implement responsible water management. This means maintaining the infrastructure which is essential for our protection against floods, for proper drainage or for safety along roads.

With the knowledge we have acquired over the years, we, more than anybody else, are in a position to supply customized solutions. Conver goes further in that as well. We are convinced that innovation is the only way to survive. We are currently developing machines which have minimal impact on the environment. Machines that enable us to perform at our best in the future as well. Constant innovation. That’s in our nature too.

Curious about the possibilities?