C4 Tool carrier

This machine will soon not be available any more. View our alternative here


The Conver C4 tool carrier is developed in close cooperation with her users. By combining this wishes with a wealth of practical experience and high-quality technology we created a 4-wheel multifunctional machine that provides excellent productivity and ease of use. What’s more, this machine has a big lifting capacity and is easy to maintain.

The C4 has a watercooled 75 hp diesel engine which has a hydraulic flow of 100 Litre a minute. This makes the machine versatile. De four-wheel drive and the compact measurements makes driving the machine easy. The system is electrically controlled and can be handled with a joystick. The C4 is equipped with air conditioning.

All the components for daily maintenance are easy to reach and have been placed together. The accessibility of all covered components was taken into consideration with respect to major repairs: cabin, tanks and side panels are simple to open, turn out or tilt. Despite the compact dimensions of the insulated cabin, the operator’s working area is spacious, providing perfect visibility right round. There is also a storage box for tools, and the C4 has a sprayer unit with a 100-liter water tank.


Dimensions (L x W x H) 3,90 x 1,25 x 2,39 m
Weight 2,350 kg
Motor Watercooled 4-cylinder, 75 hp diesel
Colour Orange RAL 2004
Fuel tank 100 L
Hydraulic tank 130 L
Wheels 4 wheels, 4 wheel driven
Turning radius 4,5 m
Crew 1 person
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Advantages of the C4:

  • Highly manoeuvrable tool carrier
  • The machine can be used for a wide range of
  • applications
  • Easy to maintain
  • Powered by a powerful and efficient diesel engine
  • Compact and ergonomically designed

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