C10 Tool carrier

This machine is no longer available. View our alternative here


The Conver C10 is the top model from our series of self-propelled machines. This machine is specially designed for the waterway maintenance from a towpath. Due to the rotatable cabin, the driver has an optimal view. Moreover, the Conver C10 is fully modular build so it is suited to work with different types of tools. The design with two or three tool masts makes the C10 particularly suitable for working as a mower-rake combination.

Processing the waterway on both sides with the C10 means you can clean the total profile at high speed, allowing optimum water flow without damaging the structure of the embankment.


Dimensions (L X W X H) 5,50 x 2,90 x 4,10 m
Motor 4 cylinder 117 hp diesel TIER 4 FINAL
Colour Orange RAL2004
Wheels 3 wheel drive, 2 wheel steering
Tyres Front and rear 700/45/22,5 supporting wheel 600/50/22,5
Turning radius 6 m.
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The advantages of the C10:

  • Three wheel propelled, two-wheel drive multipurpose machine
  • Rotatable cabin for optimal view
  • Specially designed for the use of tow-paths
  • Fully modular build, easy configurable
  • Joystick control of the machine and tools

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