C91 dredger

The Conver C91 is a dredger for smaller waterways, canals and lakes. Thanks to the CW10 quick coupling system, various tools can be connected to the implement carrier, such as: dredge pump, mowing bucket, flail mower and dredger.

The C91 has three outriggers, two at the front and one at the rear. The masts have a length of 4 to 6 m. For the drive, the boat is equipped with a double anti-winding auger that is hydraulically adjustable in height and can be folded up. The C91 comes standard with the luxury cabin and side pontoons.


Dimensions in transport (lxwxh): 19,00 x 3,40 x 3,39 m
Dimensions in the work (lxwxh) 18,69 x 10,95 x 3,11 m (height above water)
Pontoons transport dimensions (lxwxh): 6,08 x 0,54 x 2,04 m
Material:  Profiled steel St52
Weight: Approx. 14.500 kg, depending on configuration
Draft: 45 cm
Colour: Oranje RAL2004 / Grijs RAL7012
Engine: 6 cylinder Diesel engine (Version depending on county of purchase )
Emission class: Tier IIIA and up
Cooling system: Keel cooling
Battery: 12 V, 85 Ah
Propulsion: Double anti-coiling auger, hydraulically foldable and height adjustable (electric joystick)
Pumps: 1 × Load Sensing pump 130 cc, 1 × gear wheel pump 11.2 cc
Crane coupling: CW10 quick coupler
Max. Lift load crane: 1.600 kg (using support legs)
Max. Slewing range crane: 190˚
Support legs: IRetracted 4,00 m / Extended 6,00 m
Fuel tank: 350 l
Hydraulic tank: 330 l
Hydraulic oil: Univis N46
Crew: Min. 1 operator
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The C91 dredger has several advantages:

  • Specially designed to dredge smaller waterways, canals and lakes
  • Different tools available and easy to change quickly
  • Can be equipped with: dredge pump, mowing bucket
  • Has three outriggers, two at the front and one at the rear
  • Comfortable adjustable operators’ seat with joystick steering in the armrests

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