C87 cutter suction


The Conver C87 cutter suction dredger is a dredger with continuous digging. It was developed for dredging a large variety of soil types varying from extremely soft silt ground to peat, clay, sand and fine gravel in inland waterways.

The machine comes with a 6″ or 8″ pump and with spud poles and/or winches. The C87 has a hydraulic swivel ladder, but it can also swing around a spud pole or on lines.

The compact build and independent propulsion are features of the C87.


Dimensions (l x w x h): 11,5 x 3,0 x 2,2 m
Hull (l x w x h):  6,5 x 2,9 x 1,1 m
Material:  4 mm St52
Weight:  ca. 10.000 kg
Draft: 0,50 m
Colour: Orange ral2004 / Grey ral7012
Engine: Watercooled 6 cylinder 150 / 210 hp (6” / 8” cutter)
Emission class: Conform regionale eisen
fuel consumption: 20 – 30 l/hr
Cooling system: Bundle cooling
Electrics: 12 V
Hydraulic system: One load-sensing pump and (semi-)proportional valves
Dredge pump: BP2020 with mechanical seal, 8“-200mm suction and discharge, mechanic drive via gearbox
Cutter: 660mm, 0-80 rpm, 8 kw
Dredging depth: 3,5 m maximal, excluding extensions
Winches: 2x hydraulic drive 1.500 kg pull, 8 mm 6x36stk 125m, 12 m/min
Fuel tank: 200 L
Hydraulic tank: 200 l with suction and return filter. With integrated oil cooling
Hydraulic oil: Univis N46
Crew: 1 operator
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The C87 cutter suction has several advantages:

  • Compact cutter suction dredger for small scale dredging
  • The cutter is mounted on a swivel ladder which moves while the boat stays on the same spot
  • Available in a 6” and 8” version
  • Developed for dredging a large variety of soil types
  • Equipped with a swivle ladder

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