C485-D pushboat

The Conver C485-D is a stable, robust barge boat that is very suitable for pushing and pulling hopper barges. The small size of the C485-D makes it the ideal barge boat for carrying out various types of dredging work. Even dredging in shallow or narrow waterways is no problem for this compact C485-D. The C485-D is equipped with a Stage V engine and therefore complies with the latest emission requirements and regulations.

This powerful barge is made with 4 mm steel, and the hull corners are equipped with extra wear strips. For an optimal view of the work, the C485-D is equipped with a standing cabin.

The C485-D barge provides two neatly concealed steel cables with tension cylinders for attaching the hopper barges. At the back of the barge, a collision guard is mounted around the auger to prevent damage.

The Conver barge is equipped with the correct certification for inland waterway transport. The C485-D is also suitable for linking a pontoon for maintenance work and/or small transport over water.


Dimensions (l x w x h): 4,80 x 1,55 x 0,95 m
Material:  4 mm Ultra Hoog Sterkte staal
Draft: ca. 0,4 m
Color: Orange ral 2004 / Grey ral 7012
Engine: Water-cooled 4-cylinder with 50.4kW/68.5hp
Emission class: EU Stage V / U.S. Tier 4 Final
Fuel consumption: 4 – 5,5 L/h
Cooling system: Vlakkoeling
Electrics: 12 V
Propulsion: Single 400 mm hydraulic anti-coiling auger
Steering: Power steering with a 2 x 50° steering angle
Hydraulic system: One load-sensing pump and one gear pump with (semi-)proportional valves
Fuel tank: 50 L
Hydraulic tank: 95 L with suction and return filter. With integrated oil cooling.
Hydraulic oil: Univis N46
Maximum sailing: 7 km/h
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The C485-D pushboat has several advantages:

  • Mostly suited to push barges
  • Suited with two steel cables and tensioning cylinders to connect the barges
  • Stable and robust push boat, build of 4mm steel and reinforced bow of 10 mm
  • Watertight bulkhead between operator- and engine compartment
  • Hull corners provided with integrated reinforced wearing strips

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