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The Conver C550 is a robust multi-functional amphibious tool carrier for maintenance on land and water. This amphibious machine is super flexible and suitable for all kinds of mowing, dredging, retaining wall work and much more. The operator’s space is mounted on the rotating mast set so that the operator turns with the tool, similar to an excavator, and thus always retains visibility of the work.

The operator’s area is hinged so it can be lifted out of the hull. This provides ease of access to components below deck for service purposes. The machine can drive itself out of the water on to embankments of up to 30°.


Dimensions (l x w x h):

4,0 x 2,2 x 1,1 m
Weight: 4.550 kg, excl. attachments

1,1 m at 4.550 kg

Color: Orange RAL2004 / Grey RAL7012
Bottom pressure: 150 – 200 gr/cm 2 at 4.550 kg
Max. Climbing angle: 30°, 20° sideways (max. operating angle 15° continuous)
Engine: Water-cooled 68 pk diesel
Emission class: According to regional requirements
Propulsion land: 2x 450mm rubber tracks, positive drive
Propulsion water: Single 400mm tiltable and 0,4 m height adjustable anti-coiling auger
Pumps: Double LS-pump for tracks, auger and attachments, single gearwheel pump for cylinders
Valve blocks: Danfoss PVG 32 proportional with pressure compensation
Fuel tank: Diesel, 2 x 60 l tank
Hydrauliek: 195 l, suction- and return filtration, oil-cooler
Boom: 1,8m + dipper 1,2m, CW05 quick coupling system
Slewing range: Approx. 200 degrees
Oil flow for attachment: 110 l/min at 200 bar, proportional

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The C550 amphibious machine has several advantages:

  • Powerful multipurpose machine to work on land, wetlands or in the water.
  • The C580H can drive on slopes up to 30°
  • Operator’s seat has the same turning radius of 200° as the boom to have a good overview on the work
  • Powered by a 68 hp diesel engine
  • Multiple tools can be used, like an excavator bucket, push frame or t-cutter

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